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When God Shakes the Room

In Acts 4:31 it says, “After they (the earliest followers of Christ) prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken.” 

Perhaps you are partial to the room staying still, particularly in So Cal. Nevertheless, what followed this particular shaking was the emergence of a new kind of community that loved each other and the world around them to new levels. Their community grew in health, miracles happened regularly, God seemed to be revealing Himself to more and more people everyday and prayer and worship was at the center of it all. It was a breathtaking outbreak of God’s Kingdom, something we long for La Mesa and San Diego County and the world.

Join us this August as we look at four stories in the book of Acts that were room shaking events and their connection to prayer and worship all of which will culminate in a week of prayer we are calling The Week That Shook The Earth (August 20-26).


August 4 & 6          Acts 4:  When God Shakes The Room  Message Notes

August 11 & 13      Acts 16:  When God Shakes The Prison  Message Notes

August 18 & 20      Acts 12:  When God Shakes Heaven  Message Notes

August 25 & 27      Acts 2:  When God Shakes The City

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