The Naked Truth: Decoding the Message in Our Bodies

It seems like there’s never been more controversy and confusion regarding our bodies.  Maybe what’s missing is an understanding of God’s vision for who we are and what we’re meant for, revealed through the creation and design of our bodies. Our bodies are not just biological, but spiritual and theological as well. Even our sexuality is a message from God.

There is great freedom to be discovered for people who are seeking God’s direction for life. Surprisingly, this is also GREAT NEWS for the world in understanding the NAKED TRUTH — it actually can lead us to that “something” that we’ve felt was missing our whole lives.

This series will help you find answers to questions like…

• What is the source of my deepest desires?

• How do I lead a life that will bring me happiness when I have these deep longings for something more?

• Where do I find answers regarding my identity?

• What is my relationship to my body and why does it matter?

• How do I redirect the desires that are destroying my ability to REALLY love and find love?

• How do I find meaning and value in my life and in my church community as a single person?

• Is marriage a big deal or is it just a party and a piece of paper?