Healing Class

Healing Class Summer Session – Beginning Sunday, July 9 at 10:45 am in The Far Room.
Join us for our Summer Session of the Healing Class. This class is for anyone in need of healing for yourself, or wishing to learn how to pray effectively for the healing of others in the name of Jesus.

Receive it! Give it!

This class is geared towards people being healed and healing others by the power of the name of Jesus. We will be praying for and believing for your healing and equipping you and train you how to pray effectively for healing for others. And not just physical healing! During this session we’ll be talking about God’s desire for us to have wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.

If you are in need of physical or emotional healing or would like to learn to heal others, this class is for you! 

Physical and emotional healing were a very important part of Jesus’ ministry.  It became an important and a central part of the disciples ministry as well, and it continues to be for the church today. This class helps us boldly step into his mandate to “heal the sick.”

The Healing Class will teach you the scriptural basis of God’s desire for healing, as well as help you pray and believe his healing will come. You will learn about God’s desire for you to be well and how to give that away to others by attending our Healing Class. You will hear testimonies of people who have been healed and learn the scriptural basis for healing and God’s desire to work with you to heal others.

Instructors: John & Fran Pacillio are faithful attenders and leaders here at Journey Community Church. They have led healing workshops all over California and the US.  John is the author of “Just as it is in Heaven” a book that chronicles his story of healing and sets the stage for his passion to teach others to believe and press into God’s healing for them.

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