School Supplies Drive


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Journey Loves Its Teachers!

This includes the many teachers who are connected with Journey as well as those who teach at one of Journey’s four partner schools – San Miguel Elementary School (Lemon Grove); Bancroft Elementary School (Spring Valley); La Mesa Arts Academy; and Monte Vista High School.

Being responsible for the care and success of several dozen children is a heavy responsibility that goes beyond the “A – B – C’s” and “1 – 2 – 3’s.” For example, did you know that:

  • 91% of teachers buy basic school supplies for their students;
  • 2 of 3 teachers (67%) purchase food or snacks to satisfy the basic nutritional needs of their students — even ones who already are enrolled in their schools’ free or reduced – price meal program.
  • 1 in 3 teachers purchase clothing for children, including jackets, hats and gloves (30%) or shoes and shoe laces (15%)

We assist our partner schools in a number of ways. At the core of our efforts is our desire that they feel as though we “have their backs,” a statement made to us by the principal of one of our schools.

One of the most useful ways that we can help is by supplying the schools with teacher supplies. How do we know this? They’ve told us so. This year, like the last several years, beginning the weekend of July 6 & 8, we will be collecting school supplies in cardboard drums placed at the Worship Center, Thrift Store and Church Office. Last day to donate is Sunday, July 29. A “shopping list” can be found below. Thank you for your help in loving our teachers!


Please consider helping out by purchasing one/some/all of the following. Deposit donations in bins located in the lobby of Worship Center and in front of the Thrift Store and Church Office.  Donations accepted through Sunday, July 29.

o    Backpacks
o    Ball Point Pens (Black, Red and Blue)
o    Black felt pens (thin tip)
o    Colored pencils
o    Construction Paper – 12×18” and 8×10”
o    Copy Paper
o    Crayola Crayons and markers
o    Dry erase pens
o    EXPO White Board Markers
o    Glue Sticks
o    Highlighters
o    Kleenex
o    Lined Paper – College Rule and Wide Spaced
o    Mr. Sketch pens
o    Pocket Folders
o    Post-Its
o    Sentence Strips
o    Spiral Notebooks – College Ruled
o    Ticonderoga Pencils #2 (The Best!)

Would you like to help with the preparation and delivery of these gifts to the teachers? It’s a wonderful experience! Contact Dave Merk.