Hey thanks so much to all those parents that showed up to our Open House this past Sunday!!!  It was awesome to be together and talk about what is Riptide Junior High Ministry, why we do this, how we do this, and why this crazy Junior High life is...
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RIPTIDE 2017-2018 CALENDAR *Please Note: Dates with an asterisk are still tentative 2017 PROMOTION SUNDAY –July 9 LIFE GROUP KICK OFF –September 6 LEFT OVER CANDY SHINDIG –November 1 THANKSGIVING FOOD BANK DISTRIBUTION –November 18 RIPTIDE XMAS...
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New Shoes— Riptide’s Current Series

NEW SHOES ---- a series about joy. You know the feeling right?  That feeling as you slide your feet into a new pair of shoes… still stiff from unworn materials.  The smell of new rubber and fabric.  Shoes that nobody else has worn.  New shoes.  You...
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Life Groups Are Currently Happening!!! SHOW UP!!! Life Groups are gender/grade specific groups that focus on connection with God and connection to community.  Every Wednesday we will share a meal, run around like crazy, laugh hard, worship...
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For 7th & 8th Grade Students

Riptide is a ministry for 7th & 8th graders here at Journey Community Church. Everything about it is designed specifically with that age group in mind! It is a place for to have fun, make tons of new friends, and see God in ways they may not have before. Sunday morning services, mid-week Life Groups, camps, events and activities are all ways we make that happen in Riptide.

Riptide Updates

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Life Groups

Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:30 PM in the Riptide Room


Sunday Mornings

9 + 11 AM in the Riptide Room

Camps, Events and Activities

We have events, retreats and camps scheduled throughout the year. Check below for more details.

Life Groups

Wednesday Nights during the school year we meet  in smaller groups at Journey Community Church from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. It is a time filled with worship, Bible Study, prayer, and friendships! This is a great opportunity for a 7th and 8th grader to deepen their faith while building community with those in their small group. Also, we serve dinner for only $5.

Sunday Mornings

We have two identical services on Sunday Morning. 9 am and 11 am. We have crazy games, a great student worship team, and times to connect with God! These services are designed for those who are checking out who God is, as well as those who already have a relationship with him.

Camps, Events, and Activities

Our school year is packed with things like camps, services projects, and crazy events like GURLY, BURLY, and DYE WARS. These events create a venue to build friendship, see and hear God in unique ways, help the community around us, and provide an opportunity for 7th & 8th to to put hands and feet to what God is calling all of us to do: Love him and love others.

We believe every 7th & 8th grader was created on purpose for a purpose. God created you exactly how he wanted you to be and that includes putting you in 7th or 8th grade at this very moment! So come, be yourself, and know you are welcomed for being you!

Jarred Benitez

Jarred Benitez

Junior High Director

Hi! I’m Jarred Benitez. I am a dad, husband, food snob and am obsessed with birds. I am a pro powerlifter but freak out every time see a cockroach. Oh… and I am also crazy enough to work with Junior Highers!

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