Club TK2 — 5 Years – 2nd Grade

Club TK2 is a fun and interactive learning environment for 5 year olds (TK), Kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders located on the second floor of the Kids Center. Our playful and active Club TK2 kids learn and grow together through games, crafts, video Bible teaching and songs that engage all of the senses.

Sundays at 9 and 11 AM

Kids Center, Upstairs

Friday night services begin with a fun and engaging large group customized to a smaller group of children. Every week has its own theme and correlates to the Sunday morning lessons and includes small group time and interactive games. Join us for a unique learning experience in addition to Sunday morning services.

Fridays at 7 PM

Kids Center, Upstairs

Volunteer in Club TK2!


Club TK2 is a high energy room full of kids who are ready to learn about Jesus and have lots of fun. We are looking for volunteers who can help get the kiddos to dance and sing during worship, to listen during their lesson and to guide them as we do activities and crafts. Both the 9am and 11am service can always use extra help, but our specific need is at the 11am service right now. The Kid’s Center remodel is quickly wrapping up and we are close to being able to use all four classrooms upstairs… however we need volunteers to cover the rooms so we can open all the doors. Please join us for a service so that we can make the most of the awesome new spaces upstairs! Thank you!

Club TK2
Area Directors

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Rebecca Smith

Club TK2 Director

Email Rebecca

Stephen Fuller

Club TK2 Assistant Director
(Friday Nights)

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