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God at the Movies 2017

Movies have a way of communicating unlike any other art form. In them, we find powerful stories of the human experience—an experience marked by intersection with the divine. Whether filmmakers know it or not, God’s fingerprints can be found all over their stories. We’ll take some of the most popular films from the last year and look at how we can find God at the movies.


May 26 & 28    Hidden Figures  Message Notes  /  Podcast

June 2 & 4       Lion   Message Notes   /  Podcast

June 9 & 11     A Monster Calls  Message Notes   /  Podcast

June 16 & 18   Hacksaw Ridge  Message Notes   /  Podcast

June 23 & 25   Arrival   Message Notes   /  Podcast

June 30 & July 2   La La Land  Message Notes   /  Podcast




A single event that happened 2,000 years ago changed history forever. But not just history, it changes us. It’s a story that still resonates in our hearts. One through which God calls us to Himself. A story of resurrection, reconciliation and redemption. What was accomplished as Jesus rose Easter morning still affects how we live our lives today. He brings us freedom from things that this life has given us that we continue to carry with us. Things that may even haunt us. But through what he has DONE, we can leave them behind.

April 21 & 23    End of Doubt    Message Notes  /  Podcast

April 28 & 30    End of Fear     Message Notes  /  Podcast

May 5 & 7        End of Inertia   Message Notes  /  Podcast

May 12 & 14    End of Loneliness  Message Notes  /  Podcast

May 19 & 21    End of Feeling Useless  Message Notes  /  Podcast

easter 2017


April 15 & 16    Podcast

Gaining Traction



It’s a common human experience to feel like we are spinning our wheels, wildly attempting to run with mud caked feet — desperately seeking traction all so that we can really surge forward in life. As we move toward Easter, we have the opportunity to refocus on Jesus’ life on our planet and His announcement of the coming of the Kingdom of God. He invites us to align our whole selves with the beauty and life to be found in this Kingdom. As we do, we begin to experience the POWER of ALIGNMENT. We gain traction and we begin to move into a life that really works!

March 3 & 5  Fake News to Good News    Message Notes  /  Podcast

March 10 & 12 A Book You Kiss   Message Notes  /  Podcast

March 17 & 19  Conquering The Peace Glitch    Message Notes  /  Podcast

March 24 & 26  What Cyclists, Salmon and Birds Have in Common    Message Notes  / Podcast

March 31 & April 2 Jesus Is Lord…Aligning with Reality   Message Notes  /  Podcast

April 7 & 9 Rediscovering Jesus  Podcast

Up, Out & Into: What Great Leaders Do


 Things break down. Few people knew this better than Nehemiah. His whole city broke down at the hands of an angry tyrant. Until one day God tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey Nehemiah, you should fix that.”  What follows is an incredible story on what it means to be a leader. At Journey we believe that we are all called to lead where we are. Join us as we explore Nehemiah’s leadership example of stepping up, out and further into God’s plan and power for our lives.

February 10 & 12     Stepping Up     Message Notes  /  Podcast

February 17 & 19     Stepping Out    Message Notes  /  Podcast

February 24 & 26     Stepping Into God   Message Notes  /  Podcast