Week of Prayer: August 20 – 26

Each Fall we dedicate a week to focus on prayer. Join the rest of the Journey community, as we press in.


Throughout the week, we want someone from Journey praying during each hour. Visit the Prayer Wall in the lobby after a weekend service to sign up for an hour to pray. We’ll provide you with tools to help walk you through that hour. We’ll also have opportunities to sign up for a day to fast.




Sunday, August 20 – Thursday, August 24 from 6:30 – 8 PM

Childcare provided 


We are part of a movement, a movement outward of God’s love that started in desperate times. The early followers of Christ were often running for their lives from angry mobs or worse, Rome. Such desperate times always led them to pray. Let’s be honest, this fledgling movement vs. Rome is not really a fair match, and yet, the prayers went out and not only shook rooms, but prisons, Roman officials, and evil in all of its forms. We believe nothing has changed, except that maybe we have grown a bit comfy. In the midst of the comfort and distractions of everyday life there are reminders of how desperate we, our friends, and the world are — a desperation that might be waiting for us to come together and step into our birth right as Sons and Daughters of God.

Join us this week for five unique prayer gatherings that will center on this privilege to invite Heaven to earth. If you are freaked out by the notion of a prayer gathering, don’t be.  We have designed each night with the intent to engage our hearts, minds and spirits in prayer in a non-threatening way. We trust that these nights will not only take you deeper with God, but will also bring Heaven quite literally to earth.



Worship Center

Sunday night is gonna go through the roof as we kick off the Week Of Prayer (aka The Week That Shook The Earth) by joining with Pastor Archie and the team from New Birth Kingdom Covenant. For this first night our prayer focus will be ourselves in hopes that we can individually experience the freedom and wholeness God intended us to live in.

Led by Jason Denison



The Plaza Room

Join us Monday evening as our focus extends to our family and friends. We know how powerful it can be to pray for others, especially those close to us. We’d love to have you join us as we lift those we love up in prayer.

Led by Jarred Benitez



The Plaza Room

Sometimes when the Earth shakes the things we value, love and hold dear will break. God does not promise to save us from the breaking, but He does promise to restore every broken piece into something beautiful. Join us Tuesday night as we walk throughout Journey’s campus praying for the people of our church who walk side-by-side together through all life’s brokenness and restoration!

Led by Chris Rader and Heather Klein



The Plaza Room

On Wednesday night we’ll be praying over our community, literally. Join us as we pray down God’s goodness over local representatives from different sectors of our community.

  • Law Enforcement/Public Safety: Walt Vasquez, Chief, La Mesa Police Department
  • Business: Mary England, President & CEO, La Mesa Chamber of Commerce
  • Hospital/Health Care: Barry Jantz, CEO, Grossmont HealthCare District
  • Schools/Education: Beth Thomas, Principal, La Mesa Arts Academy
  • And afterward the Shave Ice Truck will be in our parking lot

Led by Erik Dees and Dave Merk

Music by Trevor Davis



The Plaza Room

“WE ARE THE WORLD” worship and prayer night! Come join us for the wrap-up night of the week of prayer!  We will be praying and hearing from our Journey supported missionaries, our Turkey SFC team, and then taking a prayer walk around the “world.”

Led by Kristy Dees