Join us as we follow the life of Jesus and access heaven’s power and resources in our everyday lives! Our whole church will be engaged in a Bible study called “50 Days of Knowing Him,” which outlines Jesus’ life chronologically through Scripture, with a specific focus on how we can live daily in complete connection with God. It is designed for you to engage with and be transformed by God, and has many resources for reflection and further study, including videos and podcasts. Day 1 of the church-wide study will be Monday, February 20th, and will culminate the weekend of (and few days after) Easter. We are praying this will be a formative movement of God for you, one that leads our entire church to regularly and joyfully invite people to follow Jesus with us!

An All-Church Experience


Beginning Monday, February 20

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Beginning The Week of February 20

Weekly Topics and Scripture

Week 1 — Preparation Phase & Ministry Foundations: Days 1-7

Week 2 — Ministry Foundations: Days 8-14

Week 3 — Ministry Foundations & Ministry Training and Expanded Outreach: Days 15-21

Week 4 — Ministry Training and Expanded Outreach & Leadership Multiplication: Days 22-28

Week 5 — Leadership Multiplication: Days 29-35

Week 6 — Leadership Multiplication: Days 36-42

Week 7 — Leadership Multiplication: Days 43-49

Week 8 — Leadership Multiplication: Day 50