Healing & Freedom Workshop: Feb. 6

Join us for a 3 hour FREE workshop about physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Saturday, February 6th from 8:45am – 12:30pm in The Corner Room. By RSVP only. We have seen many people healed and set free from things like cancer, lupus, depression and anxiety and more! Why not you? 

We are thrilled to have Stan Donn for our keynote speaker. He has been around the world to a dozen countries and sees healings and the miraculous all the time. He sees the impossible bow to Jesus on a regular basis.

Come if you are sick, depressed, fearful and/or feeling hopeless.

Come to learn how God wants to use regular ordinary people just like you to do the things that Jesus did.

Come if you simply want More of God and to be encouraged in your personal life. 

Lives can change when people discover who they really are in Christ, and who He really is for us and with us and through us.