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Let’s encourage and support each other as we journey through Leap of Faith together. This page features updates and stories from your Leap of Faith experiences. Please feel free to leave comments (just click on the post title.)
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Thank You

Submitted by anonymous It's amazing that after I've started praying for people on this 40 days of "Leap of Faith," things have been happening. Whew! And not in a way I expected. For example, I prayed for this one person, my manager, and I got a scathing letter of...

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Father, Daddy, Abba

Submitted by anonymous I've participated in Leap of Faith for the past several years now, and have seen pretty marvelous things happen in my own life and heart, and in the lives of people I love. This story is different, and I guess you could say it's still in...

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He is a Good Good Father

Submitted by Jimmy I first heard about Journey Church when at an antique store in Descanso a couple weeks back. There was a Journey member there laying healing hands on the owner, a friend of mine. I listened to him and all I knew is that I need to go there, to that...

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