Journey Women’s Adventure Group!!

Do you enjoy doing things like hiking, biking, kayaking, walking, working out, etc? And, you’re thinking it would be fun to do these activities with other women at Journey? Well, then come join us! This group is your opportunity to meet others while having fun! Join Jo Gilman and others for some activities such as: bike riding in Coronado, hiking Cowles Mtn. and many more places in SD, local walks through La Mesa, hula, ice skating, kayaking, “urban work outs”, and so much more! Whether you’re ever done any of these activities or not, you are welcome to come join us! The list is long of possibilities and we’d love for you to come have fun with us!

A little about Jo:
She is the mother of 3 children, grandma of 2. She’s been on a “journey of health” her whole life. She definitely doesn’t not feel “she’s arrived”. Her motto has always been “perseverance, not perfection”! She has struggled with weight, food, and working out. She’s been both thin and obese, but neither of these define her. She knows who she is……a child of the King!! She believes that God has prepared her to lead this group and is thrilled to meet you and to bring on the fun adventures together! 

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Jo Gilman.