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College & Young Adult Community

First of all, no, we are not a little, easily capsized boat that you paddle about the bay (nor a travel website with great deals and hidden discounts)!

We are Journey Church —  College Age and Young Adult Community. extra hint: the bold letters spell out CAYAC…. 

CAYAC is not your typical once a week college-age church service type deal. We have people in our community from all different seasons of life, from 18-29 years old, some in college, some working, some married, some single, some w/kids, some in the military, some athletic, some artistic, some hiking fanatics, and some who hate the outdoors, some… well, you get the point. 

Regardless of where we are on that list, all of us are still figuring “it” out.  The “it” being, what do I really believe about life, myself, faith, and God?  And what does it look like to live my life more connected to what I believe? And how do I live a life with meaning, that’s about something bigger than myself? 

In order to figure “it” out, we have a lot of open and authentic discussions about our beliefs and our struggles.  We stick with and invite others into our very not-perfect community, because we want to experience more than the “all about me and my friends” life.  

Last but not least, we ask God to show up in real and powerful ways each time we meet.  And He does.  


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CAYAC December Events

CAYAC December Events

 Its beginning to look like Christmas here at CAYAC. In the month of December we have got a lot to offer, so don't be shy and come swing by one of our events or service opportunities.   



SIGN UP Life groups are back! Launching the week of September 22. This year life groups are formed around the thought and idea that life as we know it is always moving. With that understanding we decided to make life groups off campus different days and nights...

Kickoff Movie Night

Kickoff Movie Night

Come Kick off the new year of life groups and other community building activities with a fun filled night of a BBQ dinner, a fire pit s'mores bar, an outdoor movie, and connection with other young adults.

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College & Young Adult Lead
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