Series: Renaissance

Have you ever held something with potential—a piece of wood, a lump of clay, a newborn baby? Have you felt the strong force to shape, nurture and see it to it’s greatest potential?

It’s innate. The Imago Dei, the memory chip of the Creator in us all.

It’s in the mother who takes the time to straighten her child’s disheveled hair. It’s in the researcher who takes raw ideas and turns them into the cure for a disease. It lies behind the decision of an addict to fight his demons and change his life.

The artisan is within us all.

But, too often we are stuck in the formless void of our own souls. We need a new beginning.
A re-generation. A renewing. A revelation. We need to be re-born.

Then, we can be a part of the project of Renaissance.

April 13 + 15 — Renaissance as Recovery: Experiencing Your “Higher Power” Up Close!

April 20 + 22 — Renaissance as Release: Finding Freedom from Compulsive Behaviors

April 27 + 29 — Good News is Viral: Being a Part of God’s Good Newsing

May 4 + 6 — Glory and Beauty: How God Wants to Use You to “Be the Music”

May 11 + 13 — Homecoming: Your Renaissance Begins When You Come Back to God

May 18 + 20 — Renaissance as Activation: Experiencing a “Re-Engagement”


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Easter 2012 – Resurrection as Renaissance

Renaissance as Recovery

Renaissance as Release

Good News is Viral

Glory and Beauty


Renaissance as Activation


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