Series: Kenosis


The Secret of Happy Holidays  

There is a weird irony to the Holidays. We exchange cards and sing songs about “joy”. We say “Merry” and “Happy” and we mean it. But there’s an undercurrent, a thought in the recesses of our minds that maybe holiday happiness is only skin deep. After all, depression and disappointment are rampant this time of year. And yet, if we are honest, the story does something to us. It echoes of a deep truth that resonates in us. The ancient, vintage, original tellers of the story called it KENOSIS (“emptying”). Join as we explore what it means to have an “empty” Christmas.

December 6 + 8               The Secret of Emptying…Expectations
December 13 + 15            The Secret of Emptying…Being Right
December 20 + 22           The Secret of Emptying…Control


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