Series: Soul Revolution

Do people actually change? Is change even possible? It feels like there is more, but it feels out of reach. If you’ve ever tried to really change you know how hard it can be. A lot of people quit trying. And yet, we all suspect that there is a “Me” that we were designed to be. Jesus didn’t come to just slightly improve us. He came to create revolution within us—a soul revolution—that changes the way we feel, how we relate to the people and the world around us, and the mark we leave on this planet! This happens as we learn to do life in His presence…with God!

Soul Revolution is a 60/60 experiment: 60 days of consciously bringing God’s real presence to mind every 60 minutes. Join us for a wild ride that will change all of us.

February 1 + 3            With: The Irresistible Revolution  Podcast  Outline

February 8 + 10         God Speaks…I Speak: Relating to God  Podcast  Outline

February 15 +  17       ReŸ•Late: Revolutionized Relationships  Podcast  Outline

February 22 + 24       Re•ŸRemember: Reconciliation  Podcast  Outline

March 1 + 3                 Re•ŸFormed, Part 1: How God Changes Us  Podcast  Outline

March 8 + 10              Re•ŸFormed, Part 2: Developing a Spiritual Workout  Podcast  Outline

March 15 + 17             Interdependent: Me Becoming Us  Podcast  Outline

March 22 + 24            All In: Sustaining the Revolution  Podcast  Outline