Series: Supernatural


In Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth, we find a shocking reality presented to us: God chooses to introduce people with messy lives into a new reality we might (must) call supernatural. We are supposed to live lives that are beyond the shrunken, reduced, compact version of only what we can touch, chew, feel and seen. We’ll look at this early church at Corinth, and the supernatural realities they experienced…and how God calls us to still live into them today.

April 12 + 14                Naturally Supernatural     Podcast     Outline

April 19 + 21                Learning to Play (In the Supernatural)     Podcast    Outline

April 26 + 28               Use Your Words: Supernatural Speaking   Podcast   Outline

May 3 + 5                    Obviously Supernatural — The Life of Us   Podcast  Outline

May 10 + 12                Supernatural: Demonstrated   Podcast   Outline

May 17 + 19                The Intersection of Natural and Supernatural    Podcast   Outline