SUNDAY NIGHT!  3-18-18
6:30 PM Journey Java
Restorative Prayer: Group Edition, followed by optional Late Night: Capture The Flag

(If you have been feeling disconnected from God or have struggled either wondering if He is real or if He really has something to say to you, DO NOT MISS THIS NIGHT. And if you are staying for our massive Journey block game of Capture The Flag, I suggest bringing/wearing dark clothes, but that’s only if you are interesting in winning ; )

*athletic skill not required, there will be several non-running strategy roles available

Midnight Journey Java
Easter Prayer Vigil + Breakfast, Midnight- 2 am

This is your chance to get ready for Easter by intentionally clearing some space you might normally be sleeping (or binge watching Netflix) and instead choosing to PRAY for God to do some new and miraculous things in you and through you this Easter. We will be praying during the midnight-2 am hours at Journey Java. 

2 am – We will head to Denny’s for late night breakfast (can you say “moons over my hammy??”)

Sign up for PRAYER VIGIL > 

2:30 pm Journey Java
Palm Sunday Hike + Pizza

Meet us at 2:30 Sunday afternoon to do a group hike of Iron Mountain, connect with God in nature as we continue to get ready for Easter! 6:30 pm pizza and hang-out time: Journey Java


No plans after church on Easter Sunday? You are invited to our Potluck Easter Dinner right after the last Easter service! If you are interested, text Stephanie at 619-567-9484 and she’ll tell you where to go and what to bring!

6:30 pm Journey Java

Young Adult Conversational Service + Worship!

Talk with our lead pastor Ed and Generations pastor John, as we discuss “What does the Bible really say about…” Bring all your questions and join the conversation! *childcare provided *facebook live option