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FRIDAY NIGHT TGIF PROGRAM (3 Year Olds – 6th Grade): Our Friday kids program is at 6:30 pm in the Kids Center. There is a limited capacity, please reserve a ticket to attend.

SUNDAY JOURNEY KIDS (3 Year Olds – 4th Grade): Our Sunday kids services take place outdoors on Sundays at 9 & 11 am, with limited capacity, weather permitting. Tickets required. 3 years to 2nd grade: Check in in front of the Kids Center doors. 3rd – 4th grade: Check in on walkway behind Thrift Store.


  • Infants – 2 year olds: Join us for a comfortable, family friendly viewing of service from the cry room in the back of the main auditorium, or live streamed in the Kids Center nursery!
  • Attend one of our in-person services as a family. Be sure to grab an activity bag for the kiddos.

Get to know the Journey Kids Team!


At Journey, we think kids are awesome.

We believe that kids at every age need a consistent demonstration of Christ’s love. It is essential that we provide a safe, encouraging, age appropriate, quality place of learning for every age level during every service and event.

We have programs and volunteers ready to love and encourage your child parallel to all our adult weekend services.

Finally, throughout the year there are special events like Child Dedications, Summer Fun Camp and parent training days designed to help your family enjoy and connect together in some life altering ways.

Little Ones

Infant – 4 years

Club K2

Club TK2

5 Years – 2nd Grade

Club 34

Club 34

3rd + 4th Grade

Child Dedications

 December 4 & 6



Serving Opportunities


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