You are not alone

Care ministries

Journey offers Pastoral Care in two areas:

SPIRITUAL CARE — for those facing tough times or other difficulties in their lives. 

CARE GROUPS — a safe place to connect with God and others who are facing similar life issues.

Crisis and Care Advocacy

Crisis and Care Advocacy provides one on one mentorship for members of our community who need some support due to life circumstances through biblically-based guidance in a safe and caring environment for the purpose of healing, restoration, and living lives honoring to God. We want you to know you are not alone. Topics of discussion may include: marriage, parenting, communication, healthy relationships, anger, depression, abuse, fear, grief, addictions and more. There is no cost to receive Spiritual Care. For more information, please contact us using the contact form below or call the church office at 619-464-4544 and indicate a request for Spiritual Care.

Professional Counseling: Journey does not provide professional counseling, however we are happy to provide you with resources >

Care groups

Care Groups help you find, trust and follow God through the challenges of life while connecting with others for encouragement and support. You are not alone in your struggle. Care groups provide a safe place for you to connect with God and others who are facing similar life issues. We are here to help.

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Recovery groups

Recovery at Journey Community Church is a place for people to engage in a community and celebrate God’s healing power in their lives—while working through the 12 Steps and 8 Recovery Principles. This experience allows us to “be changed.” We open the door to this change by sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. In addition, we become willing to accept God’s grace and help in solving our life problems. Please reach out to Abby for more information.

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For more information:

Please fill out this form to contact Care Ministries or Care Group leaders. Or you may call the church office at 619-464-4544.