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If you were to track the timeline of Jesus on Earth, you would notice there was a decent chunk of time between Easter and when Jesus ascended to heaven. During this time, which began on the night of the Last Supper and continued for 40 days, Jesus was preparing His followers for something they had already heard about, the coming of the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist had promised early in his career that Jesus would immerse us in the Holy Spirit of God, and Jesus himself said that the coming of the “Holy Spirit” would be better for us than if Jesus continued walking around with His people. This new relationship with God’s Holy Spirit is where God’s power, God’s leading, and God’s presence changed the lives of His followers then, and meets us in our “feet on the ground” life now. 

So who and what is the Holy Spirit? What do I need to know about all this? Is there really more power for life available than what I am currently experiencing? Is it possible to have a life that one could call “Naturally Supernatural”?

We will explore this and more in our series “Spirit: Understanding and Connecting with the Holy Spirit.”

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