2023 Giving Statements will be emailed at the end of January.  If you do not see your statement by January 31, please check your spouse’s email as well.  If its not there, reach out to Sharon at spredika@journeycom.org

Your gifts helps meet physical and spiritual needs of those who show up on our campus each week. You’re also impacting people in our local community as well as communities around the globe. Thank you for your generosity!

Give with PushPay here.


Need Help? Contact Sharon at 619-464-4544 or by email.
Your Giving History 
All of your gifts will appear on your Yearly Giving Statement regardless of the platform used to give. You can access your Giving Statement at any time through Journey:Connect. Any new gifts given through PushPay can now also be accessed through PushPay. If you’d like assistance accessing your Giving Statement, call or email our finance office and we can provide one for you. Yearly statements are automatically emailed out during the last two weeks of January, there is no need to request one.