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Do you ever feel like an underdog? Unqualified? Unimportant? Unlikely? Fear not, because apparently God likes underdogs! The Bible is full of stories where God meets people in the midst of their long odds. In fact, God seems to think that there is actually an advantage of disadvantage. In this series, we’ll learn from a few of the great underdog stories of the Bible that show how God turns our disadvantage into advantage.

September 5 & 7         DAVID & GOLIATH, Part 1 — Conventional Wisdom, Unconventional Life

September 12 & 14     DAVID & GOLIATH, Part 2 — Disadvantage is Advantage

September 19 & 21     JEHOSHAPHAT — The Blessing of Being Outnumbered (See 2 Chronicles 20)

September 26 & 28     HEZEKIAH — Hemmed in…With God

October 3 & 5             PETER ON TRIAL — Intimidated by Power and Position

October 10 & 12         GIDEON — Overcoming by Scaling Down