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The question “What do you want?” is fairly common this time of year. But what if we don’t know what we want? What we desire seems to change with every billboard or commercial we see. It seems if we dig a bit deeper below our surface desires, we might find pointers to what we really want for Christmas. This is the place of longing. A longing embedded long ago when God formed us for Himself. Join us as we explore our human longing for God and how Jesus fulfilled it once and for all by making hope, love, peace and joy realities.

November 27 & 29: Longing for Hope

December 4 & 6:  Longing for Love

December 11 & 13: Longing for Peace

December 18& 20: Longing for Joy 



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Ed Noble - Nov 22, 2015

The Secret Power of Making Amends

Message Overview: Flourishing feels like satisfaction, peace and freedom from the things that keep dogging us, haunting us. Wisdom unlocks the “power of making amends.”

From Series: "Wisdom"

Wisdom is a make or break factor in your life, probably because wisdom is about understanding the shape of reality. If you have it then you and the people around you will tend to thrive. If you ignore it, it’s bad news for you and those around you. There’s a whole section of the Bible called “Wisdom Literature” and its purpose is to instruct us in wise behavior. One of the central books of Biblical wisdom literature is the book of Proverbs. Join us as we spend explore the contours of reality.

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