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Gratitude, might be one of the most life altering (in the best possible way) behaviors of all. Its healing effects, which have been researched from multiple standpoints—cultural, psychological, physical, spiritual, even financial—have confirmed that a thankful life is a thriving life. So why are we often so glum? This series will take an in depth look at one of the most gratitude soaked letters in the Bible – Philippians. A letter written in jail by a man who had already experienced big time trials and yet could say, “give thanks, always.” Join us as we leave behind despair and step into a world brimming with faith, hope and love.

November 7 & 9         Noticing The REAL World (Philippians 1)

November 14 & 16     Receiving the Gift Of Partnership (Philippians 2)

November 21 & 23     The Better Stuff To Be Thankful For (Philippians 3)

November 28 & 30    The Science of Gratitude (Philippians 4)