Your Story

Has God been working in your life during I Live the Journey?

At Journey, people regularly share their stories. Our stories of how God has worked and is working in our lives — through various struggles and issues — are an important part of our Journey DNA.

Your story reflects and displays the presence of God in your life — the Imago Dei — the fact that you were created in the image of God. Your story also highlights the fact that Transformation is the work of God. As we engage in transforming our church building, God will be transforming our ownership of the service we provide to our community in worship, kids ministry, the food bank and places to interact with one another.

When you submit your story here, you may remain anonymous or you can give us your contact info if you would be willing to share more of your story sometime in the future.

During I Live the Journey, we’d like to post some stories and updates on our Blog for people to read and be encouraged. You can choose if you’d like to share on the blog or not — we may post your story. Stories will be reviewed for content, grammar and punctuation before posting.

  • We'd like to post some of your stories on the I Live the Journey blog. Let us know if you are willing to share and we may post your story. Thanks!
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