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Journey Serves — Community Impact and Missions


When Jesus showed up on the scene, he said that he was all about “good news for the poor.” So, like him, we want to spread good news for the poor, the dejected, the unseen, the broken, the wounded, the outcasts. Through Journey Serves, we hope to spread good news by feeding people, clothing people, helping people back on their feet, cleaning up our local parks, partnering globally in communities like Carrefour, Haiti and Tecate, Mexico.

Keep up to date on ways to serve by visiting this page often. Together, we can bring heaven to earth.

Journey Serves: Teachers & Schools

July 16, 2015 11:59 am

Caring For Our Students | Supporting Our Teachers | Helping Our Schools

School supplies

For the past two years, Journey has provided classroom supplies to JCC teachers and JCC partner schools (San Miguel Elementary, La Mesa Middle School, Bancroft Elementary, Monte Vista High School).


School Supplies
91 percent of teachers buy basic school supplies for their

2 in 3 teachers (67%) purchase food or snacks to satisfy the basic nutritional needs of their students — even ones who are already enrolled in their schools’ free or reduced-price meal program.

1 in 3 teachers purchase clothing for children, including jackets, hats and gloves (30%) or shoes and shoelaces (15%).

Personal Care
18 percent of teachers purchase personal care items, such as toothbrushes and sanitary products.

Hygiene Products
Nearly 1 in 3 teachers (29%) purchase items such as toilet paper and soap that their school cannot provide enough of due to budget cuts.

Field Trips
More than half of all teachers have paid the costs of field trips
for students who couldn’t afford to participate otherwise.

Alarm Clocks
Several teachers reported purchasing alarm clocks for students. Due to work schedules or family circumstances, guardians were unable to wake their children for school, which led to absences and academic under-performance.


Download a printer friendly Shopping List.

Please support our partner schools!

•    San Miguel Elementary   •    La Mesa Middle School
•    Bancroft Elementary        •    Monte Vista High School

Please consider helping out by purchasing one/some/all of the following. Deposit donations in bins located in the lobby of Worship Center, Journey Java and in front of the Church Office.  Donations accepted through August 9.

o    Backpacks
o    Ball Point Pens (Black, Red and Blue)
o    Black felt pens (thin tip)
o    Colored pencils
o    Construction Paper – 12×18” and 8×10”
o    Copy Paper
o    Crayola Crayons and markers
o    Dry erase pens
o    EXPO White Board Markers
o    Glue Sticks
o    Highlighters
o    Kleenex
o    Lined Paper – College Rule and Wide Spaced
o    Mr. Sketch pens
o    Pocket Folders
o    Post-Its
o    Sentence Strips
o    Spiral Notebooks – College Ruled
o    Ticonderoga Pencils #2 (The Best!)

Would you like to help with the preparation and delivery of these gifts to the teachers? It’s a wonderful experience! Contact Dave Merk.

Short Term Missions Opportunity

June 29, 2015 10:48 am

Our missionaries in China will be leading a retreat for local workers in July and are looking for a little help with the kids part of the conference.

“Come join us in caring for local shepherds and their families! July 22-31 give or take a few days. These singles and families are living in rural areas sharing the good news and trying to establish fellowship amongst some ethnic minority groups. We have been asked to help lead a 4 day retreat for them in July. And we could use your help! We found out there will be about 12 kids (including ours). I think it will be an inspiring time, as well as a lot of fun! Travel dates would be approximately July 22-31. Health Note: the retreat location is at high altitude — elevation about 10,000 feet. It’s an easy drive there, but don’t sign up if you’ve suffered altitude sickness before!

Are you interested? Do you know someone who might be interested? We would LOVE to partner with you in this!”

Email if you’d like to get in touch with our missionaries.

Second Soul: Shoe Drive

June 11, 2015 12:58 pm




Do you have shoes that rarely are worn? Well, we have a great opportunity to let your old (but wearable) shoes bless a Second Soul . . . and a third!

Donate them to Journey’s Second Soul Shoe Drive and we’ll have Funds2Orgs put them to good use. They will go to a third world country (like Haiti) where they will find their way onto the feet of shoeless youth and adults (your shoes’ Second Soul!). Funds2Orgs also will give Journey $0.40 per pound for the shoes we provide to them which we will use to purchase new shoes for the kids in Tecate (the Third Soul!).

Imagine That! Each pair of your shoes will bless two needy kids or adults and all you have to do is collect them and bring them to Journey! We’ll provide the bag (get one this weekend!); you fill it! Take extra bags to be used by you neighbors or friends.

Extra Bags are available at the church office or Twice Treasured Thrift Store.

Bags will be dropped off at Journey during the week of Summer Fun Camp (July 6 – 10).

Journey Serves: Summer Lunch Program

June 8, 2015 4:11 pm

Sign up to help!

Our local schools work hard to make a child’s learning experience as fruitful as possible. Along with their significant efforts in the classroom, they also offer free meals each day to students who qualify. A significant percentage of kids in our local schools are eligible. In many schools, the number is 100%.
These free meals offered during the school year are important for the 1 in 5 children nationally who suffer from hunger. But what about the summer when schools are not in session?
This summer, the Interfaith Council of La Mesa will be providing lunch to children under the age of 18, no questions asked. The meals will be served at the Vista La Mesa Christian Church (Massachusetts and University) on each of the 37 days of summer recess (June 22 – August 12). The food will be provided by the La Mesa/Spring Valley School District.
We need volunteers to help out! To sign up for a day, a week or more, click SIGN UP below.

Volunteers needed: Activity Leaders, Servers/Monitors, Reading Friends, Donations (Supplies to help feed the adults who come with our kids. Sandwich stuff, cup-o-soups, etc. are great!). Find out more at the link below.

La Mesa Flag Day Parade

May 14, 2015 3:56 pm

La Mesa’s 2015 Flag Day Parade is a couple of weeks away (Saturday, May 30) and we are looking for volunteers to help out! This is a great opportunity for Journey to serve in its community. Time involved is minimal – a few hours on Saturday morning. It’s fun and you can serve with your family, friends or kids.

Remember the movie Little Nikita? Richard Benjamin, Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix? “An FBI agent works to uncover an All-American family as Soviet sleeper agents and gets caught up in friendship with their unaware son.” 1988?

Whether you remember it or not, my point is (yes, there is a point to this!) that there was a scene in the movie that showed a main street parade in a small town. Well, that town was La Mesa! Yep, I was in the crowd with my 5 year old daughter Sarah on my shoulders (for what seemed like an eternity!) hoping to get her in the movie.

No luck. But it makes my point that downtown La Mesa is a great place for a ‘small town parade.’ True, some of the entrees are a bit hokey but that’s what makes it a small town parade, doncha think?

On Saturday, May 30, during the morning hours, La Mesa will hold the 2015 version and you are invited to help out. Come on down and you’ll get to see what happens behind the scenes. You can direct traffic, stage the entrees, carry signs . . . fun stuff like that. And you can bring your kids!

Come join us as we celebrate Flag Day and La Mesa . . . our home town!

Contact David Merk for more information.

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