Journey Food Ministries

Did you know that in San Diego, 1 in every 6 people faces hunger. 

Well, here at Journey we believe that everyone deserves to have enough to eat. The smashing success of the Journey Food Bank Open House and Food Collection clearly demonstrated that.

You filled the pantry! Thank you, Journey for your generosity and care for individuals and families in need!

The Journey Food Bank is a key element of Journey Food Ministries. Three times each month we conduct food distributions for families in need. This month we are expanding that to four times each month. That’s about 5,000 families fed this year! We get a lot of food from Feeding America and the San Diego Food Bank. However, most of that are fruit and vegetables. We rely heavily on you all for canner food and pastas and rice and beans and so much more. Nearly 1,000 cans and boxes are handed out at each distribution. We depend on Journey attenders for this food. Weekly donations are essential to the successful operation of the Food Bank.

Journey Food Ministries also is home to Hope For The Homeless. Every Friday at 5, volunteers gather to prepare hundreds of PB&J sandwiches. Around 6, they all head to downtown San Diego where they break up into several groups and head up to different areas. They spend the evening passing out food and chatting and praying with people they meet.

Providing food for seniors in need is another part of Journey’s Food Ministries. 

One day each month, Thirty Something, a Journey ministry, visits seniors living on fixed incomes at Guava Gardens and Mission Gorge Villa Senior Apartment. These are not assisted living facilities. Instead, individuals are fully responsible for their own care, including providing and preparing their own meals. Journey provides each person with canned and packaged food, fresh fruits and vegetables, as available, as well as frozen food provided by our local Olive Garden. All in all, Journey is playing a key role in ensuring that our senior friends are well nourished.

Finally, Journey’s Food Bank serves persons in need who drop by the office. Food bags are prepared and made available each day for Journey staff to distribute as needed. Family bags contain food sufficient for several people. Homeless bag contain food which can be prepared without additional items and/or special utensils. 

How Can You Help?

Clearly, there are a lot of people in need. One in six San Diegans are “food uncertain,” not knowing from where their next meal will come. Our Food Bank relies on you to provide the nearly 1,000 cans, bottles and packages of food which it dispenses at each distribution. That works out to about one can a week for a Journey adult.

Think you can help? Simply drop it off donations at one of our food carts at the front office any time that we’re open, including Sunday. You’ll bless and be blessed!

Thanks again for your support!