1-Day Contemplative Retreat

Being With What Is – 1 Day Contemplative Retreat

Step out of the hurry, pressure and clamor of life to meditate and reflect. Learn to notice how God speaks through Scripture and shows up in the events, relationships and emotions of common everyday experiences.

At this day long contemplative retreat you will learn a spiritual practice that will help you become more in touch with what is true about you and your relationship with God, and how even in the darkest of days you can find the gift each experience has to offer.

If you’ve attended this retreat before or the Experiencing God retreat, each one is different and features different spiritual practices and experiences.  

Saturday, November 3
9 am – 4 pm
The Corner Room,
Please RSVP by Oct. 29
$17 for catered lunch

includes continental breakfast, catered lunch, snacks, and beverages (coffee/tea/water)


Bring (Optional): Bible, Journal, Beach chair, Pen, Blanket, and Magazines with pictures of some of your favorite things.

Questions? Kathryn Trainor