Saturday, August 20
Journey Community Church
Worship Center
9 am – 2 pm
Cost: $12

Childcare is available for $5 per child, includes pizza lunch (pre-registration is required.)

Join us for a half-day retreat meant to refresh, inspire and allow you the space to re-connect with the you that God created you to be!

Featuring guest speaker Leeana Tankersley, author of Brazen: The Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding

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The Courage to Be Who God Created Us To Be

Main Session 1 with Leeana Tankersley
The Courage to Be a Companion to Ourselves Instead of a Critic
Life begs us to override our limits, experiences, and needs and to keep hustling, keep producing, and keep pushing…no matter what the cost. What if God were inviting us to live differently? We’ll talk about having the courage to walk beside ourselves
as a friend instead of a bully.

Breakout sessions: (Choose one when you register.)
Tegan Brindley: Finding Rest in a Chaotic Life
Ruth Deaton: Finding Yourself in Motherhood
Kristy Dees: Faith in Season
Bonnie Hayman: Shape Up Your Relationships 
Heather Klein: Freedom in Forgiveness
Sara Patrick: Managing and Embracing Tensions

Main Session 2 with Leeana Tankersley
The Courage to Emerge Instead of Hide
Many of us have made a habit out of hiding instead of letting ourselves be seen. What if we had the courage to expand
and become, to live from a place of freedom instead of fear? We’ll talk about what it means to emerge and take up our God-appointed space in this world instead of playing small.

See full schedule and breakout session details below.

Leeana Tankersley is a writer, Navy wife, and mom of three. Her newest book, Brazen: The Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding, released in April. She and her husband, Steve, live in San Diego with their three kids: Luke (7), Lane (7), and Elle (4). Learn more about Leeana’s work at

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8:30 – 9 am                  Check-in/Registration
9 – 10:15 am                Session 1
10:15-10:30 am            Break
10:30 – 11:20 am          Breakouts
11:20 am – 12:30 pm    Lunch
12:30 – 1:45 pm           Session 2

Food trucks will be on the premises for lunch. We are also near many area restaurants if you prefer to go off campus to eat!


Please choose one when you register.

Finding Rest in a Chaotic Life

Tegan Brindley

Does it ever feel like you just can’t catch your breath — like the tasks and to-do’s are piled so high that you can barely see above the chaos? When every free moment is spent sleeping or binge watching Netflix, you start to wonder when life got so exhausting. But God has a different life, a new life, dreamed for you. One where peace is possible and rest is a core part of identity.

Circle-Tegan-150Tegan is the Director of Encounter High School at Journey. She’s a big sister, mentor, leader, and godmother to a really great kid. She loves to travel, read, crochet, hangout out with friends and make up ridiculous songs. Tegan is passionate about creating moments where Jesus comes alive and helping teens connect their story to God’s story.

Finding Yourself in Motherhood

Ruth Deaton

Having children triggers emotions that cannot be explained—leading to guilt, judgement, and shame. Find freedom from Mommy Guilt by seeking Jesus and the community He has created for you!

Circle-Ruth-150Ruth is the Club TK2 Director and Journey Moms Connect Facilitator. She is the youngest daughter of four children, wife of a retired Naval Aircrewman, mother to three crazy kids, writer, student, and fellow woman in the trenches of life.


Faith in Season

Kristy Dees

Just as nature and the human body go through different seasons and cycles, so too does our faith life and relationship with Jesus. This session is designed to help you recognize, accept, and ‘lean in’ to your current faith season.

Circle-Kristy-150Kristy is the College and Young Adults Pastor at Journey. She recently completed her MA in Education and School Counseling. Born in Pine City, Minnesota, Kristy is the classic Midwestern turned California girl. She has a huge heart for people who are hurting and has worked in some pretty interesting places, including Angola, Africa for several years.

Shape up your relationships! Keys to establishing connections with friends and family

Bonnie Hayman

This workshop will provide insight for understanding how you are “wired,” why other people sometimes drive you crazy, and how you can learn to connect with others with a few easy strategies. It will also encourage you to appreciate your unique strengths while alerting you to your personal emotional danger zones. You will leave with tips to use right away in all of your interactions with others!

Circle-Bonnie-150Bonnie is a Counselor and Educator. She is currently the school counselor at La Mesa Arts Academy and also teaches courses at Point Loma Nazarene and Azusa Pacific University. She has worked for over 25 years and enjoys sharing her experience and wisdom with others. Her passion is helping others connect with one another and communicate with respect and grace.

Freedom in Forgiveness

Heather Klein

In one form or another, we have all felt the deep pain of abandonment, betrayal, disappointment, meanness, or even outright cruelty. Despite the fact that we know forgiveness is the starting point to healing, we still struggle to forgive even the small stuff, much less the wounds that shaped our lives. We struggle because most of us don’t really know what forgiveness is, or how it works! In this session we’ll alleviate some of the fears surrounding forgiveness, break down the process of forgiveness, and ask God to show us where unforgiveness is keeping us from living the life He’s called us to!

Circle-Heather-150Heather is the Connections Coordinator at Journey and co-teaches the Journey Through Scripture class. She’s also currently enrolled at Bethel University where she’s working to earn her Master’s of Divinity. After growing up in a tough household in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama, Heather has a passion for people to not only follow Jesus, but to really learn how to let him transform and renew every piece of their lives. She believes there is purpose, meaning, and a deep love out there for anyone brave enough to go for it!

Managing and Embracing Tensions

Sara Patrick

Life is full of choices, conflicts, ups and downs — so many issues and things to navigate and manage. Sometimes they are problems we can solve and other times they are tensions that we need to manage. How do we determine the difference and how can we confidently and thoughtfully face challenges with Jesus at the center? In this session we will look at how to manage and embrace the tension between contentment vs. wanting what others have, spending wisely vs. living frivolously and peace vs. worry.

Circle-Sara-150Sara is the Journey Kids Director. Although she directs the team that oversees infants through 6th grade, you will primarily find her hanging out with the preteens in Edge 56. She is passionate about sharing God’s story with all generations so others can hear about the incredible love of God. She enjoys helping people wrestle with and navigate what it means to own and live out a life changing relationship with Jesus. She is a student at Fuller seminary in Irvine working towards a Masters in Theology and Ministry. Sara currently lives in Santee, CA and has been married to the love of her life, Tommy, for 23 years. They have 3 amazing teenagers they are blessed to do life with: Gracie, Luci and Keith.