At Journey, our weekend messages touch on a variety of real-life topics including feeling isolated, struggling with finances, and even the way in which popular films relate to God and His story. The point is to learn how we can do life with God in our real lives. Behind the Journey offers relevant topics through various perspectives, different writers, and personal God stories to help expand on what we are learning from weekend messages.

Our topics will include Identity and Purpose, Missions, Finances, Doubts, Relationships, Mental Health issues, Parenting and kids/youth. And we’ll be adding more articles every other Thursday! 

Finding Rest

Finding Rest by Brooke Lee  Many years ago, in the midst of ministry burnout, a mentor of mine said to me, “Rest is Biblical.” Although her words felt cutting at the time, they were true. In fact, you can’t get but two pages into the Bible without confronting rest....

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10 Tips for Your First Mission Trip

10 Tips for Your First Mission Trip  by Kristy Dees   Are you going on your first missions trip?  Asking questions like, “what do I bring? what should I expect?  How do I get ready for this?” These are very familiar questions to any of us who have taken that first...

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Breaking the Stigma

Breaking the Stigma  By Bethany Noble-Lindsay    There’s been stigma around going to therapy in our culture for as long as therapy has been around. People reference it around a person being “crazy” or “weak”, that something is wrong with them if they need to go.   But...

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