Upcoming Events

March Events

TOMORRW- Tues, March 14th! 7 pm @Encounter!
Come hear from the UrbanLife Director on what’s happening with UrbanFarms in SanDiego and a unique perspective on our response to injustice! Check on the blurb on “what is urbanlife” on bottom if you’re curious…

THURSDAY, March 16th! 7-9 pm @Encounter!
Befriending Refugee Orientation!

Come with CAYAC to the befriending refugee orientation to start getting to know the growing and often isolated refugee community in SanDiego.  This will be a practical “do or don’t do” type of deal so you can figure out the best way to build relationships within different cultures.

SATURDAY, March 18th! 9 am– 12.  CAYAC @ The FARM!
Come with CAYAC to experience urban farms firsthand, from 9 am-12, and yes, we will ACTUALLY be working on the farm so prepare to be in dirt and weeds!  We will be planting, weeding and doing other farm-like activities. Here’s the details and where to park, txt me at 3195043448 if you don’t see us!
Location: 210 S Euclid Ave is the Southeast Church. You can park in the parking lot and walk around, or park on Holly Drive adjacent to the church where the farm entrance is located.
What to bring: Close-toed shoes, long jeans/pants, and shoes you don’t mind getting a little muddy. We have gloves, tools, and hats, but feel free to bring your own. Feel free to bring a water bottle and a snack!
What you will be doing: Our farm is in full swing for Spring. We will need help weeding, putting down mulch, preparing beds, and planting.
What is UrbanLife Farms? UrbanLife Farms is an initiative of UrbanLife, a non profit based in City Heights and Southeast San Diego working to empower urban youth to become community development leaders in their neighborhoods. The vision of the Farms is threefold: we turn vacant lots of land into thriving urban gardens, provide youth first time job experience through our internship program, and increase access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods. Visit our website for more information: http://urbanlifesd.org/farms

If anyone has health issues that may restrict the types of tasks you can preform in the garden, make yourself known and we will find appropriate ways for you to contribute that are easier on the body!