Wednesday, December 6 and Thursday, December 7, 2017
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

(Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for viewing the spectacular tables!)

Journey Community Church Worship Center

Begin the Christmas season with a ladies night out!
Join us for a light dinner, yummy desserts, special music and an inspirational message.

When Jesus was born was it a “White Christmas”? Was there “Holly and Ivy”? How silent was that night? Were there only three wise men? And where did we get a drummer boy? The story of Christmas has been translated into different cultures around the world for so many years that our mental images of the nativity story look less and less like the original event. Join Dr. Cyndi Parker as we spend an evening reimagining the Christmas story.

Ticket Info

Wednesday Night is SOLD OUT
There are a few seats left for Thursday.

Tickets are $23.

On sale November 17
(Presale tickets are available to Table Hostesses Nov. 3 – 12.)

Purchase tickets in the lobby after a weekend service. No ticket refunds.

Salads, bread and desserts will be served with tea. Sorry, no coffee.

Dr. Cyndi Parker has a deep love for the way the Bible isn’t just a reference book with theological ideas but a historical record of the long drama of God’s involvement in the messiness of human life. She is a great story teller and loves seeing people connect with the stories in the Bible with fresh eyes!

Cyndi lived in Jerusalem for five years teaching biblical history, culture, and context. She continues to go back every year to lead innovative and education trips, seeking to inspire students of all ages through experiential education. Her motivation for teaching comes from watching students realize that the Bible is not a reference book filled with theological ideas but is an historical record of the long drama of God’s involvement in the messiness of human life. Dr. Parker now lives in Philadelphia and is the Clark Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Biblical Theological Seminary. When she is not in Philadelphia, she can be found teaching at universities and in churches around the world.