Married Couples Connect Group

Our Married Couples Connect group meets on the Second Thursday of each month. We discuss topics that are important for a healthy marriage.

Our overall theme for this group is: We’re FINE… While most of us say we are “fine” on Sunday morning, many of us would say: FINE…except I could use a little help with xyz. Our desire is to walk this Journey called marriage with you and hopefully give you some tools that will help you move from We’re FINE…, to We’re Good!

Here is our line up of topics and their dates/times. Feel free to come to any or all of the sessions.

Mar 8 — 6:30pm, Edge 56
Fighting Fair

Apr 12 — 6:30pm, Plaza Room
Understanding Each Other – Personalities

May 10 — 6:30pm, Corner Room

June 14 — 6:30pm, Corner Room
Q & A, open forum

The Married Couples Retreat (MCR) will be held this year on June 22-24, 2018. While you do not need to attend the MCR to benefit from the group sessions, the groups are designed to tie into what will be discussed at the MCR. More info on MCR >

After the retreat:  July 12, August 09, September 13, and October 11

So join us for the next Couples Connect for some fun and wisdom, and who knows, perhaps you will meet other couples in the same season of life (and marriage) that you are in!

Register for the Married Couples Connect Group below.