A transformational space to experience God’s presence

Connect with God through spiritual practices and live art
• Receive prayer for healing
• Receive an encouraging word from God

Sunday, June 11

5:30 – 7:00 pm
Worship Center

Childcare available. Preregistration is required for Kidcare. The cost for Kidcare is $5 per child or $10 for multiple children per evening. Preregistration and payment for Kidcare must be complete by 5pm the day before attendance. You may preregister for Kidcare HERE.

DWELL is a night centered on welcoming the Holy Spirit and creating space to experience the presence of God. We will gather together in worship and then provide an open environment where you choose from a variety of experiences. You can experience God through live art, healing, Encouraging God Words, spiritual practices, prayer, scripture reading or simply rest in the presence of God.

Join us for a special DWELL on June 11th. Our theme is “joy” and Archie & his crew will be leading worship. In addition, you will experience the Holy Spirit through art, prayer and Encouraging God Words.

There will be community worship for around 30 minutes and then we will be offering different prayer options for you to continue to experience God’s love for you personally and/or space to journal, listen for God, continue to worship. Here are the prayer options that will be open for you about halfway through the night. 

Live Art — Reflect on God as you watch live art.

Physical Healing — Access the power of God through physical healing. Our team will pray for Jesus to heal every part of your physical body that is sick or in pain. 

Encouraging God Words — Access the support and hope of God for your life through encouraging words. Our team will ask God for a personal word that will bring you encouragement, comfort, hope, and identity.

Spiritual Practices — Access the presence of God through private spiritual practice and scripture. This area is set aside for you to spend some personal time talking to Jesus and hearing His voice.