For the time being, we will be using this page to post updates and prayer requests for Pastor Ed. As many of you know, Pastor Ed contracted Covid and since his status is constantly changing we thought this would be the best way to provide updates as they come. We love you, Journey Church, and we want to thank you for walking alongside Ed and his family during this time.

Ed would love to connect with you all down the road, but right now communication is a little challenging so we suggest that you wait until Ed is better to try to contact him.

Please check back for updated information.


UPDATE 8/26/21 PM

Ed was cleared to go home with NO oxygen delivery system and was discharged from the hospital this evening! 

UPDATE 8/26/21 AM

We are expecting and praying for discharge from the hospital today!

Please be praying that Ed passes all of his oxygenation tests, and has no need for an oxygen device at home.

UPDATE 8/25/21

Ed’s condition is continuing to improve!
•Inflammation has been dropping 
• Oxygen concentration has been turned down at a steady pace and his breathing device got changed out to one with a lower capacity. This is a big step towards coming home!
We are hoping he gets to go home very soon. Please continue to pray!


UPDATE 8/22/21 2:30pm

  • Ed’s oxygen levels have remained good Sunday. Yeah! 
  • Pray that the inflammation in his lungs goes down
  • Currently he is being given 35% oxygen. That needs to get down to 5% for Ed to leave the hospital.
  • Nobles say they are overwhelmed with the prayers from everyone. So thankful. Keep the heat on those prayers for healing!
  • Gift from God. A former student from Ed’s youth group in Fresno is now a doctor at Ed’s hospital and has come by to check in on Ed and pray with him.
  • Below is a note from Linda.

(From Linda) There’s so much I could say about this past 3 weeks and in particular the days since Thursday.

  1. In a moment in time when we’ve all been building walls that have separated us in relationship, I am so blown away and grateful to all of those who have reached through the walls to love and support us.
  2. I’ve been in such a state of trauma and shock for the past three days. I was unable to find faith. But so many of you have insisted on faith and God’s intervention until I could finally grab hold and join you.
  3. It’s hard to ever understand someone else’s experience- but now I’ve experienced in full measure the terrible cruelty of dropping your loved one off at the hospital and being separated from him in the most dire moments of life (yes- worse than Ed’s heart experience by far because of this.)
  4. I am so convinced that your prayers have brought the break throughs when the doctor encouraged me not to hope.
  5. In spite of the circumstances in the hospital, God could not be stopped. He brought people to step in and do the work that the doctor would not do, that I could not do (because I wasn’t allowed in) and that I never expected. I am so grateful to those persons who felt called and were enabled to step in, advocate for Ed and speak hope and faith into Ed (and to me).

So thank you thank you thank you to those who are praying with us! You have unleashed God’s power in this terrible moment!
Please do NOT stop! We still have a ways to go!

UPDATE 8/21/21 8:00pm

  • Here is some good news…Ed is doing really well today!!  AND, his oxygen levels are remaining stable!! He’s made progress which is moving in the right direction.
  • As a special gift from God, a doctor who knows Ed was found in the hospital.  He was able to visit with Ed this morning to encourage him and the doctor came away with a positive report about Ed’s progress.
  • Covid is being defeated in Ed’s body thanks to the many many many prayers going out on his behalf.
  • There’s still a way to go, so keep praying! 
  • Thank you!

UPDATE 8/21/21 12:30pm

  • There are some praises as well as continued prayer needed.
  • The treatment Ed received yesterday was helpful.  His oxygen levels were down to 80, but the treatment turned them around to 94 by 6:00pm on Friday.
  • Oxygen remained good overnight and into Saturday morning. This is very encouraging!
  • The doctors say he’s not out of danger as COVID is unpredictable.  Please continue to pray for Ed’s complete healing.
  • The next update is expected Sat evening  

Update 8/20/21:

Pastor Ed has been admitted into the hospital for Covid and respiratory issues. Please pray for healing and peace.

We know many of you may want to reach out directly to Ed and Linda right now but we ask you to refrain until further notice. Thank you for your prayers and support Journey family!