August 31 – September 12

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We all know the hardships of the season we are in, and now more than ever we need God and we need him to show up in our lives as well as our world.  That’s why we are leaning into “Elevate Prayer” – a prayer emphasis that drives us to seek God. Read more about the three aspects of Elevate Prayer below. Note: rest assured, all of our Nights of Prayer will be COVID sensitive. 

Nights of Prayer

August 31 – September 3

Each night of our prayer gatherings will look different, but they will all start at 6:30 pm with worship in the tent. These will be significant for Journey as we come together to seek God’s face and pray Kingdom Come. Every night will not only have a different focus but also look and feel different.

For these gatherings under the tent, tickets are not required. Please wear a mask. You may also bring your own chair and sit outside the tent if you wish.

Elevate: God’s Presence in My Own Life

Monday, August 31 • 6:30 – 7:45pm • In the Tent

The focus for the first night will be on God’s Presence in our own lives. After worship in the tent, you will get a chance to choose from three different venues on campus, each having a different approach to prayer. Then we will end the night with worship. (Note: Please wear a mask.)

Elevate: Journey 

Tuesday, September 1 • 6:30 – 7:45pm • In the Tent

After our gathered worship, we will have plans for your own personal prayer walk around the church campus. You can wander around to a variety of spots and at each location find a list of prayer requests that are specifically for that ministry. (Note: Please wear a mask.)

Elevate: Our Community 

Wednesday, September 2 • 6:30 – 7:45pm • In the Tent

After our gathered worship, we will drive to downtown La Mesa and pray on the spot for our local community. (Note: Please wear a mask.)

Elevate: Our Country & World 

Thursday, September 3 • 6:30 – 7:45pm • In the Tent

Our kids are our future. Join us as our Student Ministries team leads us to seek God for our country and world. (Note: Please wear a mask.)

24/7 Prayer & Fasting

September 6 – 12

Throughout the week, we want someone praying during every hour of the day. This is an individual time of prayer by yourself at home or your office. To sign up for an hour to pray or a day to fast, click the sign up link below. You can sign up for any day/time you wish. Help us fill each hour by checking our Virtual Prayer Wall to see which spots are still open. 

Downloadable tools to help walk you through the hour of prayer or time of fasting.

Do you have COVID-19? Let us pray for you.

Tap the button below to request prayer and/or schedule online zoom prayer.