Epic of Eden

Epic of Eden

Thursdays at 6:30 pm in The Corner Room beginning April 20. Join us to discover the connection between ancient culture and Scripture as a way to organize the Old Testament in manageable stories, geographies and themes. This study is based on the premise that in order to understand the New Testament one must understand the Old Testament; and that knowledge comes along with a deeper look at the culture to which it was given. This is NOT a dry study!

What do you need for the class??

• The book: The Epic of Eden. You will be able to purchase the book from the Journey Thrift store or on Amazon (for $2 more).
• We will provide a reading guide for you to follow. You will be reading through this book throughout the study group. Don’t be afraid to get started now if you already have the book.
• Your Bible!!

There will be a handout provided each week for the class as an outline.

(There is an Epic of Eden study guide. You do NOT have to purchase this…although, if you want to go deeper on a daily basis it is a great guide to really solidify your foundational knowledge. It is completely up to you. We won’t be using the guide in the group.)  

For more info or to RSVP, contact Abby at the link below.