The Pathway FAQs

What is the story behind the creation of The Pathway?
Our mission at Journey is to help ordinary people disconnected from God access the depth of life “with God” through Jesus Christ. We do a lot of great things at Journey but we want MORE.  For a long time, Ed has had a real passion to create a clear path for us all to move together in community toward that depth of life with Jesus.  So, we assembled a team of leaders and came up with a plan – The Pathway!


What is The Pathway?
Simply, The Pathway brings clear direction for all those at Journey, to move towards Jesus as disciples through classes, life groups, experiences and serving. The four steps on “The Pathway” are Explore, Discover, Transform, and Mission. Each of these brings us closer to a life of flourishing as His disciple.


What is the goal of The Pathway?
The goal of the Pathway is to get us all participating together in transformational movement as Jesus’ disciples— the keyword being MOVEMENT! God has not called us to a stagnant life, but to a flourishing life where He is always inviting us to MORE. 


What’s unique about The Pathway? 
Journey’s pathway is adaptable. It is all about movement towards Jesus which sometimes takes some twist and turns. We want everyone to experience all of The Pathway.  Each one of us can find the place on The Pathway that seems to best fit God’s direction for our own lives.  If you have been feeling stuck and in need of freedom and healing, you can sign up for our Transformation Weekend which is part of our Transform step.  If you have been struggling with a specific life challenge, a Care Group that’s part of the Discover step could be a good place to start. If you just want to learn more about faith and life with Jesus, a Discover class like Open your Bible or Uniquely Me might be great next steps. The point is that wherever you are in your journey, there’s a place you can start and a next step to move you toward MORE.


Is The Pathway a series of classes?
Nope. Classes are a very important part of The Pathway but so are life groups, care groups, serving opportunities and retreat experiences. Each one these steps on The Pathway can help with our movement toward Jesus as His disciples. We want to learn more, experience more of God, find community and find our mission in life. The Pathway can provide a starting point for each one of us.


What is Explore?
If you’re new to Journey, Explore is the very best place to start.  We invite you to join us the first Sunday of every month at our First Step event.  We’ll feed you lunch, give you the opportunity to learn more about Journey, meet our pastors and ask Ed questions.  At the end of First Step, you’ll hear about our introductory 6 week class, Our Journey, where we’ll build relationships, learn more about how we do life with Jesus in Journey’s community and explore your next steps on The Pathway. It’s our hope that everyone in our community will start The Pathway in the Our Journey class experience.


What is Discover?
The next step on the pathway is Discover. Move deeper into life as a disciple of Jesus within community, engaging with scripture, prayer and one another. This could include joining a group, taking a class, or discovering a care group. Discover is fluid and ongoing. You can find a full list of groups and classes here! 

What is Transform?
One of our pathway steps is Transform.  This step engages us in experiences that increase our intimate connection with God. These sessions will bring freedom and healing that enable us to enter into lifelong transformation in community as Christ followers. This step consists of two types of experiences, our Transformation Weekend and DWELL.


What is Mission?
The Pathway includes a step called Mission. This step is still evolving.  Currently, in our Mission step, we offer Journey Jesus School of Ministry, Discover your Mission or the ability to get involved in leading a small group and joining our Leadership Development gatherings that happen four times a year.


What is the finish line with The Pathway?
We believe that Jesus invites us to lifelong movement toward discipleship. Here at Journey, it is our vision to move together toward depth of life with Jesus. There is always MORE!


Why do I need a Pathway card and where can I get one?
Pathway cards are in the seat backs in the Worship Center with all of the current offerings and dates on The Pathway.  You can also get cards and stickers to help you keep track of your movement on the Pathway at Guest Services.