Heart of the Journey

A Spiritual Formation Experience

Heart of the Journey: A Spiritual Formation Experience

Begins: Sunday, September 25 at
9:00 AM, in the Center Room and
Ends: Sunday, December 4 (11 weeks total).
An optional, full day, Contemplative Retreat will be held on Saturday, November 5.

Spiritual Formation is not an optional pursuit. It’s for everyone. Dallas Willard was fond of saying, “Everyone gets a Spiritual Formation, whether they want one or not”…whether they are Christians or not. The question isn’t IF someone will sign up for spiritual formation; it’s who and what are we being formed by.

Spiritual Formation is more about who we’re becoming, the person we were created to be…a person internally whole, healed, and empowered, than it is about a specific practices or techniques we use. It’s about recognizing our dependence on God’s presence, goodness, guidance and provision in everyday life, as we allow God’s Spirit to shape us into loving people. The goal is always love. As we begin to walk and live in God’s presence body, mind and spirit, we learn to hear his voice. We discover ourselves in God’s Heart.

Heart of the Journey is a very interactive class. Each week you will experience teachings on a spiritual formation topic, small group discussion, a related video, a new spiritual practice all geared to the week’s topic. We will be using The Gift of Being Yourself, by David Benner, as our class text. Readings are not assigned weekly, however, those who read along with the class will benefit, and the learning will be greatly enhanced.

Class Outcomes:

  1. Continue to grow in Christlikeness
  2. Learn and experience spiritual practices and techniques
  3. Explore spiritual growth strategies
  4. Learn to hear God’s voice through listening practices
  5. Develop authentic relationships with small group members
  6. Come to better understand who you are in Christ
  7. Find your unique spiritual pathway
  8. Grow in our ability to be present to/ aware of God’s presence throughout your day
  9. Get to know God as he really is: Loving Father and Holy, Powerful God all at the same time
  10. Come to better know and live into the person you were meant to be


Sundays, September 25 – December 4 (no meeting Sunday, Nov. 6)
(Sept. 25 is an introduction class, so you can see how the class will work and if you’d like to sign up.)
Retreat Date: Saturday, November 5 at 8:45 am – 3:30 pm (on Journey campus)
Room: The Center Room
Time: 9 – 10:30 AM
Cost: $25 (includes syllabus and David Benner’s The Gift of Being Yourself)

Please feel free to Email us if you have questions.