Where is the money going?

Where is the money going and how did we get to $2,750,000?

The $2,750,000 budget for ILTJ came from our estimated cost of all the projects we are undertaking. Some of the projects are brand new, like the solar project and Worship Center renovation. Others are projects we have been waiting to have the funding to complete, like replacing our HVAC, roof repairs and replacing parking lot light poles.

The solar project has been through the bid process, so the cost of that project will be very close to what we have listed. As in any construction project, nothing is final until it is final, but the $512,000 for solar is a firm price. The $125,000 for the needed roof repairs is an estimate from a roofing contractor, but we will be getting another bid or two before proceeding. Of course, the final cost will come after they actually start the project because you are never sure what you are uncovering until you are actually into it.

The other projects are mostly estimates with a few bids. Work has been done so that they are not blind guesses, but neither are they final contracts. We have chosen to wait until we see the response from our church community before we take the necessary steps and spend the funds to draw up actual plans, not just renderings, pull permits and put out bids.

There are a few exceptions to that. For example, in the Worship Center we have paid for the first round of architectural drawings to be done to make sure we could actually make it work as well as getting the number of seats we needed. We also needed to make sure we were in compliance with the necessary fire and emergency exits and also be ADA compliant. That has been done and we are good to go as far as those issues are concerned, but of course there’s lots more to be done.

The biggest question on all final costs of these projects is the involvement of the Journey community in providing goods and services. In the past, people have stepped up and either had their companies cover all the costs of a project or a portion in their area of expertise. That has ranged from drawings and plans to every kind of construction work, be it flooring, concrete, plumbing, electrical, drywall, you name it. We can never assume those kinds of gifts, so that is why all of these projects are priced at retail. Involvement by our friends in the trades can lead to drastic savings or doing way more than we thought possible for what we budgeted.

Here is how the funds are delegated at this point:

$637,000 – Solar project: Includes solar and roof repair cost.

$200,000 – Kids Ministry Project: Includes elevator, new bathroom, carpet, tables, chairs, TVs, DVDs, play structure, chalk and whiteboards, paint, replace outdated equipment and overall new look.

$792,000 – Worship Center: Complete technology overall including cameras, projectors, cabling, lighting, sound, video and production control system. Complete demo, renovation and reorientation of interior that will include elevated seating (with new theater seating in those areas), rewiring, new lighting, HVAC, etc.

$85,000 – Welcome Center and Greenbelt Conversation area: Includes construction of a welcome center and creation of a greenbelt area with trees, tables, chairs and turf.

$304,000 – Campus repairs and upgrades: Includes replacing old HVAC, parking lot light pole replacement, asphalt repair and resurface, painting, sidewalk, signage.

$300,000 – The Other Room renovation, Thrift Store and Food Bank relocation: Includes plans, permits, construction and renovation cost.

$2,318,000 – Total


$232,000 – Tithe: Our giving to advance God’s work beyond what we are doing.

$200,000 – Contingency fund for overages and unexpected costs as well as any campaign costs such as printing, mailing, coaching and consulting.


Total ILTJ – $2,750,000