I Live the Journey Blog

This I Live the Journey blog is a place to share your “God moments” and experiences of transformation during our campaign to maintain and improve our campus. We know that God is going to meet us here as we to come together in faith to worship, encourage each other and learn more about the loving God who calls us home to Journey as his children. Please comment and share how he is teaching you to, “live the journey” in community. You can also submit your story by clicking the button below.

Give Thanks By Giving Back

As I write this, Journey volunteers are passing out 500 red Journey Food Bank bags with fixin’s for Thanksgiving dinner so that Journey families, neighborhood families and other in need can have a Thanksgiving celebration like they may never have had before.  The...

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Holy Communion and You

When you walk into Journey’s Worship Center and see the long wooden tables lined up in the center aisle, what’s your response?  Remembrance? It’s a ritual, of course, a sacrament, actually. A sacred act set out by Jesus “on the night he was betrayed,” as told by Paul...

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You Are Where You Sit: Righties

A few weeks ago the I Live the Journey blog posted You Are Where You Sit.  It’s a crowd phenomenon that people tend to sit in the same place over and over again. You see it from Kindergarten to Jury Duty, people tend to take ownership of “their” seats. With the I Live...

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Planning for New Generations

Mark Kohlenberg had a great week at Forest Home Camp in Feb. 2012 working on staff and delighting kids at Indian Village with his skits and animal sounds. “I knew him as a good-looking blonde guy named Running Deer,” said Tori Bianchi Kohlenberg. “We didn’t actually...

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A House with No God

By Shannon Cagney I grew up in a house with no God. We never talked about Him, never prayed, never even ever referred to any God. Ever. Not even on Christmas or any of the “those” holidays. The religious ones. My grandma once tried to get me into catechism but nope,...

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What a Worship Center Should Do

Guest blog by Madeleine Denison Part of the I Live the Journey will involve re-configuring the Worship Center. Here’s an entry by almost 14 year-old Madeleine Denison about the purpose and best style for our new Worship Center.  The Worship Center at Journey acts as...

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