A few weeks ago the I Live the Journey blog posted You Are Where You Sit.  It’s a crowd phenomenon that people tend to sit in the same place over and over again. You see it from Kindergarten to Jury Duty, people tend to take ownership of “their” seats. With the I Live the Journey reconfiguration of the worship center, more worshippers will be close to the front, sections will be smaller and there will be the potential for many small groups of people to get to know each other better.

In the last post, we discussed seating with the “Lefties” – those who call the left front section home. This post features the “Righties” people who sit on the right front section. Some of the worshippers in this section sit there because they are on the prayer team and need to be in place at the side of the stage at the end of the service. Some are latecomers who spot some seats up close.

A few years back there was an influx of worshippers who came from Community Covenant Church when there was a change of pastors. About 30 members came to Journey who had been comfortable with the leadership of Craig and Karen Knudsen and friends with Tic and Terrie Long. At first they grouped on the front right at the 9 a.m. service to maintain their friendships and feel connected. Even now, when others from Community Covenant visit Journey, that’s where they know they can find friends.

Here are comments from three “Righties” who can be found Sundays in the right front of the Worship Center.

John & Susie     When we came to Journey about    seven years ago, we started sitting on  the aisle of the right front section.    We didn’t really give it much thought,  but as time has passed, God has  blessed us and used us, by the people  sitting around us. Sitting in the same  spot these years, rather than moving  around, has helped to build some  deeper relationships with those in  that section.  I also think Pastor Ed  looks around the crowd and sees  some of us  in “our spots” and feels all is well. In our assigned seats we feel comfortable.

— Susie and John Schmit

John & Penny at MCR 2014

First,  I attend Journey with  my wife, Penny, who has embraced the church, although I still go to Community Covenant Church.  When Penny started going to Journey, she gravitated toward the front right mostly because there were some familiar people in that section (i.e. friends from Community Covenant).  Also, for both of us, aging eyes draw us nearer to the front.                                                      – John and Penny Cumbey

I am a creature of habit by nature. I have sat in the same section and even in the same row for the same service for many years. It is my Sunday morning home.

I am surrounded by a group of individualsPam Ribby that I have come to know over the years. I know many of their stories and have prayed with them, hugged them and walked with them through life. They have been my “pick me up” many Sundays when I have needed it.

Although I am connected to Journey in many other ways through Women’s studies, DivorceCare, ushering and Hope for the Homeless (HFTH), my peeps in the right front section have been my extended family here at Journey.

I look forward to coming in to the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and seeing their smiling faces and LOVE the hugs I get.

High-five to the right side!

— Pam Ribby