What is I Live the Journey?

We are so glad you are here and that you want to find out more about I Live the Journey. In June of 2015, we embarked on a vision to raise money to fund campus improvements enabling us to better serve our community. We are now in the last lap!

In 2015, those who call Journey home came together to pledge over $3.7 million, with over $1 million of that given in June of 2015 to fully fund the installation of solar on campus. Since we’ve been powered by solar, we have seen a 54% savings in the first few years, while decreasing our carbon footprint.

ILTJ projects completed to date:
• The inter-campus relocation of Journey Food Ministries, which serves our Food Bank and Hope for the Homeless ministries.
• Upstairs bathroom, elevator and other upgrades to the Kids Center
• Construction of a new conference center and re-purposing of other spaces (including the Thrift Store) to provide more options for hosting large and small groups on campus.
• Site upgrades including roof repairs, AC units replaced, pole and energy efficient lighting upgrades.

ILTJ projects yet to be completed:
• Build an outdoor Welcome Center & Plaza area designed to create a warm and comfortable gathering space.
• Remodel the Worship Center and upgrade our dated audio/visual systems.

We are estimating the final cost of our “last lap” at approximately $500,000. So, there are two important steps you can now take:
(1) Pray that God brings this thing home and
(2) Jump in with a final lap pledge. You can do that right here:

Navigate through the tabs to learn more about I Live the Journey and follow the latest developments with our projects.