LIfe Groups FAQs

What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is made up of a small group of people who meet weekly to support and encourage each other in our journey as Christ followers and share the goodness of the With-God life with others. The size of each group is flexible based on the needs of the group, but most consist of 8-20 people.

Why Do We Have Life Groups at Journey?
We believe a small group ministry that encourages “doing LIFE together” is vital to building a church full of followers of Jesus Christ. We were created to be in community and to do life with other Christ followers. God uses community to meet our need for encouragement and support and as a means to transform us into the person He created us to be.  In the context of community we express an outward-facing faith that brings God’s Kingdom to the world.

What is the Goal of Life Groups?
The goal of a Life Group is to encourage discussion and relationships between the members as a means of moving us toward becoming the persons we were created to be.  This happens as we share our lives, try to understand what God is saying to us and seek to follow Jesus together. Groups discuss and reflect on God’s word, encourage one another, share life challenges and celebrations, serve together, worship and pray together.

Who is Leading This Group?
Life Groups are lead by trained leaders who are supported and overseen by Journey’s Life Group Leadership team. This team gathers bi-monthly at Leadership Huddles for encouragement, training, vision, and direction.

When and Where Do Life Groups Meet?
Life Groups meet on various days and nights of the week in homes, coffee shops, places of work (basically anywhere) throughout the community. Campus Groups meet at Journey Community Church.

What About Childcare?
For Life Groups that meet outside the church, the church does not specifically provide childcare. Each family is to work out their own childcare arrangements. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or to swap childcare with another family whose group meets on a different evening or time. Some groups organize their meeting schedule to coincide with childcare at the church. For Campus Groups, childcare is available.

How Do I Find a Life Group?
One way is through the Find a Group page on our website. The second way is through our regular On Ramps where we help connect you with real leaders, face-to-face.

What are OnRamps?
OnRamps are a place for you to connect face-to-face with the leaders of all of our life groups, campus groups, classes, and care groups to help find the group that best fits you! These events occur two to three times a year after services, usually in front of the Worship Center. Watch for more information in the program or weekly email as Onramps approach.