Friday, March 23 at 5 pm through Saturday, March 24 at 6 pm

WORSHIP HOUR on Saturday, March 24 from 5 – 6 pm in The Plaza Room


Join us for a 24-hour Prayer Vigil on Journey’s campus to pray it up for everyone in our community and for those we know who are disconnected from Jesus! Each hour will have a person leading the focus on prayer. Come participate for one or more hours!

Worship Hour — Whether or not you sign up for a prayer hour — we want EVERYONE together to close out our Vigil on Saturday, March 24 from 5 – 6 pm in The Plaza Room.

Sign up for a specific hour by clicking the link below. We want to make sure every hour is covered!


How does this work?

On the sign up form —

1. Pick the hour(s) that you want to come and pray.

2. Write down a personal prayer request. These prayer requests will be prayed for during the Prayer Vigil.

3. Write down first names of anyone you hope to invite to Easter services. We’ll pray for them as well.

4. Show up to Journey at your designated hour (room schedule is below and will be emailed to you.)

5. Come back for an all-church worship hour Saturday from 5–6 pm in the Plaza Room.

6. Start expecting some Easter miracles!

Kid-Friendly Prayer Time is Saturday from 9 – 10 am in Journey Java.

Childcare for kids 4th grade and younger is available during Friday service (7 to 8 pm) and Saturday during the Worship Hour (5–6pm).


Campus Map

5-6 PM Riptide
6-7 PM Encounter
7-8 PM Riptide   (led by Healing Class)
8-9 PM Riptide   (led by Healing Class)
9-10 PM That Room
10-11 PM Journey Java
11-12 PM That Room
12-1 AM Journey Java (led by CAYAC)
1-2 AM That Room (led by CAYAC)
2-3 AM Journey Java
3-4 AM That Room
4-5 AM Journey Java
5-6 AM That Room
6-7 AM Journey Java
7-8 AM That Room
8-9 AM Journey Java (led by Encounter)
9-10 AM Edge 56 (kid friendly)
10-11 AM Journey Java
11-12 PM That Room
12-1 PM Journey Java
1-2 PM That Room
2-3 PM Journey Java (led by women’s ministry)
3-4 PM That Room
4-5 PM Journey Java (theme: Pray 4 Life)
5-6 PM Plaza Room