Second Soul Update

A Vision and A Passion

Tecate 2015 Summer Fun Camp was coming to an end and Shannon Cagney was saddened by what she had seen. Children of all ages walking to and from HIS Ministries on hot, dirt streets wearing what barely could be called shoes. Some were several sizes too big or too small. Some had little left of their soles. Some kids were wearing dress shoes.

That image stayed with Shannon. It didn’t go away. Neither did her resolve to do something.

Second Soul was born out of this Vision and this Passion. Journey entered into a partnership with Funds2Orgs who works with partners in 26 developing nations. Your shoes become inventory for countless families who survive on as little as $2 a day. This is far from being a living wage for impoverished families. Instead, with our collective effort, families are provided an economic lifeline to help them out of poverty. The shoes we collect are repaired, cleaned and sold for a profit around the globe.

Second Soul also partners with Journey’s own Twice Treasured Thrift Store. All shoes donated to the thrift store are evaluated by the Thrift Store’s talented volunteers and separated by quality. Those suitable for sale are put on the shelves. Those of “lesser” quality are then labeled for second soul. Approximately 10 to 20 bags go to Second Soul each week.

Making sense? There’s more!

In addition to Funds2Orgs, Second Soul has been selling a portion of its collected shoes at the swap meet for hundreds of dollars a gig.

Two sources of funds from used shoes!

Does this interest you? Wanna help out? There are regular opportunites: a shift at the swap meet; helping to sort shoes; purchasing new shoes; delivering to Tecate.

Been looking for an opportunity to serve where you can see the results immediately? This is it! Contact Shannon via email using the button below and share in her Passion. You may unveil a passion of your own!