SFC 2017 Pine Valley Bible Camp Day FAQs

Transportation provided from Journey to PVBC and back.

  1. Can I attend Pine Valley Bible Camp Day as an adult chaperone?
    • We would love to have additional parent help for Pine Valley Camp Day. Agreeing to come as a chaperone means partnering with our amazing SFC Counselors to help our day be successful. All adult chaperones will be participating as a Guest Counselor. Please click on this link if you are interested.
    • All Guest Counselors will be required to complete a background check at least two weeks in advance of the field trip.
    • There is a $22 charge for Guest Counselors to cover the cost of the day at Pine Valley.
    • Guest Counselors may need to provide their own transportation to and from the camp depending on available seats on the busses.
    • Please note, additional children who are not attending SFC cannot attend Pine Valley Day Camp with Guest Counselors.
    • Guest Counselors will also be required to attend our Friday morning Counselor Meeting for training and information about the day.


  1. Can I just attend the closing day/program in Pine Valley?
    • Yes, we would love to have you!
    • Print out the PVBC Release form and bring it with you.
    • You are responsible for your own transportation.
    • The Closing program is in Shiloh at 3 pm.


  1. Can I pick up my child from Pine Valley Bible Camp rather than Journey?
    • Please inform your child’s Grade Level Lead and Counselor ahead of time if you will be doing this.
    • As always, proper identification will be required


  1. What food is provided?
    • Pine Valley Camp has a dining area that has a buffet lunch. The cost of the meals is part of the SFC expense this year.
    • If your child has special dietary requirements please inform their Grade Level Lead and Counselor and we will make necessary accommodations with PVBC.
    • You are welcome to send lunch with your child.


  1. What else do I need to send with my child that day?
    • PVBC Day will be packed with “camp” activities. So, your child will get wet and dirty. Please wear camp shirt, as this helps us quickly ensure children are with their correct group.
    • We recommend children wear their swimsuit and bring a change of clothes if they would like to ride home dry. There will be time to change prior to boarding the busses.
    • It will most likely be hot and sunny, so please apply sunscreen at home in the morning and send preferred sunscreen with your child to reapply throughout the day.

Closed toe shoes good for lots of walking
Water Bottle


  1. How many kids is each counselor responsible to watch?
  • The counselor to child ratio varies based on the age/grade of the children. This is a rough estimate of the ratios:
    • First Grade – 4:1
    • Second Grade – 4:1
    • Third Grade – 5:1
    • Fourth Grade – 5:1
    • Fifth Grade – 6:1
    • Sixth Grade – 6:1
  • In addition to our amazing counselors, each grade also includes two incredible adult Grade Level Leads who direct and supervise the counselors and children during the week of camp.