Second Soul

New Shoes For Tecate Kids!

Journey loves HIS Ministries in Tecate, B.C. and Jim and Linda Doss, its founders and operators for more than 25 years! Last year, during Summer Fun Camp – Tecate 2015, Shannon Cagney, a Journey Attender, was struck hard by the type and condition of the shoes worn by the Tecate kids. Some of the shoes were they types of ‘formal’ shoes our kids might wear to an Easter service or a wedding. Others where torn and (poorly) stitched back together. Others were beyond repair. Shannon knew that something had to be done and that she was the one to do it. From this, Second Soul was born!

How does it work? Five Steps.
Step 1 – Shoes of any kind (but in decent condition) are collected from a variety of sources.
Step 2 – Shoes are sorted, banded and bagged.
Step 3 – Shoes are distributed. Some are sold at the swap meet, some are given to the homeless, and some are ‘sold’ to Funds 2 Orgs, our partner in this effort. Funds 2 Orgs uses them to support microbusinesses in third world countries.
Step 4 – all of the money collected is used to purchase new shoes for our Tecate kids.
Step 5 – shoes are transported to Tecate and given directly to the kids in need! In the last year, new shoes have been provided to more than 350 Tecate kids!

New shoes have been provided to more than 350 Tecate kids!

Second Soul is an ongoing ministry of Journey which collects shoes every day and bags and distributes them quarterly. We would love your help with any part of the process!

The next opportunity to serve is Saturday, July 9. We need volunteers to help ‘sort – band – and bag.’ Do you have a couple of hours between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.?

Contact Shannon Cagney by clicking the button below!