Stations of the Cross

Sunday, March 21 – Easter Sunday, April 4

Our Virtual Stations of the Cross experience will take you on a journey following the footsteps of Christ, and will immerse us as a community in the biblical account of the last hours and days of Jesus’ life. Take a few minutes each day to watch a short video and to respond and reflect. Connect with Jesus and prepare your heart as we head into Good Friday and Easter.

There are several ways to follow along as we go through the Stations — View the daily station video while following along with the daily reflection booklet; use the booklet on its own; or view the video on its own.  

Bookmark this page to view the daily videos or follow along in the Journey App.

Sunday, March 21 – Sunday, April 4

We will visit one station each day as we approach Easter. Station 1, Day 1 will begin Sunday, March 21 and Station 15 will take us to Easter morning. This experience is appropriate for small groups and/or families to enjoy together as well.

Each day:

  1. Gather any supplies needed.  (We will note the supplies needed at the beginning of the video for each station)
  2. Watch and engage with the video for the day.
  3. Spend some time working through the reflection booklet. Download a digital copy here.

Check out the stations below.