Week of Prayer

August 27 – September 2

Week of Prayer is a chance we get to lean into our value of prayer in a special way. It has two main parts: 24/7 Prayer and Nights of Prayer
24/7 Prayer allows us the opportunity to sign up for an individual hour of prayer. Every hour of the week will be covered in prayer by Journey people!
We will also have nights of special prayer and worship activities during the week, these dates are TBA.

24/7 Prayer & Fasting

August 27 – Sptember 2

Throughout the week, we want someone praying during every hour of the day. This is an individual time of prayer by yourself at home or your office. To sign up for an hour to pray or a day to fast, click the sign up link below. You can sign up for any day/time you wish. Help us fill each hour by checking our Virtual Prayer Wall to see which spots are still open.

Downloadable tools to help walk you through the hour of prayer or time of fasting.