24/7 Prayer + Fasting

April 4–10, 2020
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Life IS a bit overwhelming right now! We’ve got job troubles, financial stress, family issues and health issues that are surrounding us and causing anxiety and despair. The good news is that as we pray and worship, we realize that we are not alone. We fight and WIN battles when we spend time with Jesus! Pray, “God, open my eyes to see your surrounding presence, healing power and experience your freedom!”


Twice a year we dedicate a week for 24/7 Prayer. This is a time of individual prayer where we cover the entire week with prayer 24 hours a day, for 7 days. During this time of distancing and isolation, this is one of the events we can still participate in as planned! Choose and day and and hour and sign up to pray with others in our Journey community around the clock during the week of April 4–10! 

To sign up for an hour to pray or a day to fast, click the Sign Up button above. Below are some downloadable tools to help walk you through the hour. The Hour of Prayer Guide breaks the hour into 5-minute segments as you pray through the Lord’s Prayer.