Our next series is called DIALOGUE. I am stoked about it. If Journey Up 2.0 was difficult for a seeker or someone we are inviting, this series should be EPIC for friends that are far from God. The idea of the series is that we do a series on the stuff that… ready… wait for it… THEY want to talk about.

The idea is that we say to our friends, “if you were ever to come to church with me, what would you wish they would talk about? What do you think churches should be talking about? What would you go to church to hear? What questions do you have that you think a church might be able to address?

The genius of this series is, and I love this, even if they don’t ever come to Journey, you’ve still won! Of course I think lots of people are going to come to a series like this. I already have some guys that I surf with that I’m praying for as I type (Mikey & Ron if you want to pray with me). But this gets us engaging our friends, colleagues, classmate, homies, at a spiritual level. It’s no accident that it is the series that will lead us into holy week & Easter btw.

Here’s the problem: so far most of the questions that we are getting are OUR questions. Either that or more people in our culture than I’m aware of are wondering about rapture theories. So, can you guys help a brother out? Take the lead talk to your friends. Take the step of asking them what they think and either have them go & post their question or you do it for them. Go to Yeah – it’s http://www.enterthedialogue.com click here. Or you can text in the question at 47201 (text the word “TOPIC” followed by their question.)  Only post THEIR question, not yours. One more thing: let’s not post questions that we think are out there. The value of the series is the actual conversation.

I hope I run into you in the DIALOGUE!