The weekend after Easter is always interesting. The stories of what God did last weekend kept coming my way, which was great. Then it’s time to see what God had for us this weekend. When you think about it, every Sunday is Easter for Christ follower. Heck, that’s why they ended up switching the day of gathering for worship from Saturday to Sunday. I’ll skip the Saturday highlights since I talked a little about that in the ponderous post below.

I think I’m just going to post a slightly edited version of my journal entry from this afternoon.

God, I am sitting here at Strbx on a blazing hot Monday marveling at how many good gifts that You have vouchsafed to me – “coming down from You the father of lights.”
–    Yesterday went well in terms of the sermon & the worship
o    WORSHIP – I know each song is what I needed. I love that lyric about not having time to carry around regrets in that song about Your love. They totally rocked that song. I loved & needed to sing about THE CROSS in that song sweetly broken. I needed refreshing from You & I got it.


o    STAND BY ME – The idea for doing “Stand By Me” came from this great link that Chris Turner sent me. I thought it was so cool & soulful. I knew Steve could bring that soulful interpretation to it also. Check it out at here.

o    It seems like You can’t preach too much on God’s help in the midst of tough times. I realize what a rookie, a lightweight I am when I look at the suffering represented in the crowd. God, thank you for speaking through me – I’m such an unworthy, flawed vessel. Thanks for the insight into the scripture; I appreciate being led to James 1.

To keep myself focused I tried to do the whole message with only my right hand. Man’s Game!!!


o    THE LORD GIVETH… I was led to that on Thursday. Out of the blue, in one of my A.D.D. moments I searched youtube for a sermon by E.V. Hill. He spoke at my seminary commencement. I found the sermon he preached at his wife’s memorial service. I really hope you check this out. I gave it out as a devotional assignment. Click here.
–    SELAH was great – good crowd. Some good words & good body life at Selah. I love when people pray for each other. Our prayer team rocks; they are so selfless & never tire of pouring their lives into anyone with a need. I love the fact that it doesn’t all flow through me. I think Bill Johnson has influenced me in this. I loved the worship songs. There were some wonderful prayers prayed, some great expressions of faith. I know faith pleases You, (As I was writing I felt like the Lord butted in & said: I WAS pleased with their faith). I love guys like John that are going for it, that are willing to stretch in prayer. I love that You still have some wild people running around. Here’s a note I received from someone on facebook today: How cool is God that during prayer time at Selah He led me to someone who is struggling with the same car issue and questions (nurse the old along or take on car payments) I have had for a while. I got to pray for both of us!
–    I had a nice day surfing the small blown out waves. It was great running into Joe & surfing a few waves with Jason. Joe is a great guy to surf with – catches a good number of waves, unselfish, medium on the conversation.
–    It was great to bump into & praying with Chris Cantore at the parking lot of the playa.  Thanks for not letting my desire to get home & watch JRIB get in the way.

I truly am amazed by the grace & generosity of God in my life.